The Dedication of 'Reflect and Resound' / by virginia fleck

After three years of design and fabrication, we celebrated the dedication of Reflect and Resound at the Austin Shelter for Women and Children in Austin, TX.

Reflect and Resound are a pair of sensory play-house sculptures that are located in the daycare facility of the Austin Shelter for Women and Children. Reflect is a walk-in kaleidoscope that engages each child to discover their own reflection as a mandala. Resound is a sound-hood that invites children to make and listen for sounds from nearby child-height jewel-flowers or listen for birdsong from the ten-foot jewel-flower that reaches up into the canopy of an oak tree. My hope is that Reflect and Resound will provide a safe space for children to create an extraordinary experience with their bodies and voices through their own ordinary movements and sounds.