More from the Exploratorium by virginia fleck

I was the guest artist at the Exploratorium in January. I conducted a workshop with kids and a 10ft inflatable meditation cushion was created. Now, thanks to the clever folks at the Exploratorium “Meditation Cushion” is a semi permanent exhibit that inflates and deflates on the roof of the tinkering studio!  Check it out!

Guest Artist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco! by virginia fleck

As part of this month’s Materiality: Plastic event, featured artist Virginia Fleck hosted a workshop in the Tinkering Studio where she invited visitors to collaboratively contribute to a giant inflatable meditation cushion!

Virginia cut two 10 foot circles from thin painter’s tarp, and sewed them together along the edge; then she stuck a fan in an opening on the side, and the air from the fan inflated the whole piece into a big balloon. She carefully plotted out concentric circles on the flattened piece, to serve as guides onto which to place some of the hundreds of circles she cut out of recycled plastic bag… or not! Virginia was great with the public, and very easy going with her own art: she let visitors truly take ownership of their process, which often included deciding not to follow the pre-determined pattern, and give free reign to their creativity.